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You will probably never need a gun. I hope and pray you never do, but if you do you will need it worse than anything you have ever needed in your life
My home is protected by the Good Lord and a gun, and you might meet them both if you show up not welcome
The question is why is mayor Bloomberg a Traitor to the US constitution?
By buying votes sans welfare to stock brokers...Who wants to go against the free money that is feeding them...Just like sheep to new grass..
I agree lets get it All ON THE TABLE..
I wonder why?????????????????
In the eyes of most middle class Americans they are all traitors to the American way of life. Soon American will deal with these thugs and corrupt politicans..for the traitors they are........
Agreeded.. Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but Obama has abuse the privilege, over and over..
"The difference between Genius and stupidity , is taht a genius knows it limits".Einstein .Pelosi does not have a clue..
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