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Because they don't care about climate, energy, jobs etc really. They just want reasons to impose their control over you as you, obviously, can't do the right things to take care of yourself. LOL!
John, how come you don't rate the "awesome" button on Townhall? ;-) This one sure it. Thanks my man.
Patron Saint of Airborne Troopers too John, of which I am one. Good job again, keep it up.
No, conservatives know they don't but seek answers rather than nostrums and PC fantasies. Liberals cry for "compromise" which means, agree with the collectivist left.
The word is "anything" Agigator
Leftists only speak in meaningless emotional terms with facts being irrelevant to their special collectivist gnosis. They also consistently accuse you poor Republicans with everything it is THEY who actually practice. Orwell would be proud of them. "Incite"? Occupy that Agicrater
Well done John! The short term drag of ceasing to spend imaginary (borrowed) money would be more than offset by the elimination of fear in the business community. They are sitting on cash and playing necessary politics until they perceive stability. But I have no PhD so what do I know. Keep banging the drum my man. Oh, I'm from Colorado LOL!
Wonder what Hus, Zwingli, Calvin and Knox might think of the testicular driven reformation LOL!
One quarter Matthew? LOL! Nice brush with no canvas. Who are you talking about? Will? Hewitt? Medved? (any other Salem host you want to name?). Our government doesn't even resemble that which our Founders designed. We don't have to abolish the modern benefit state. Let EACH STATE decide that. If we just take away the unconstitutional functions currently operated by the Fed Behemoth we'll wind up ok.
Consistently entertaining me before Church on Sundays. Keep up the good work John. Isn't it a little like shooting ducks in a barrel sometimes? LOL!
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The Greatest Threat to our Democracy

CPT Freedom Wrote: Aug 22, 2012 5:15 PM
We don't live in a "Democracy" Ben. Any conservative should know that. By design our founders did NOT create a "democracy". Therefore the opinion is predicated on a false assumption
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