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Hugh Blewitt :-) He's a big government neocon from the things I've heard. Master of bandy-dancing too.
#6 Constant "writing" of inane "lists" catering to talking points and generalizations?
It is a game. A hi-res cartoon. If you aren't involved enough with your kids for something this simple to be clear there is a problem. It isn't the game, its parenting and family. Its a game, a cartoon on your TV. If you control your family, don't let your kids see or play the game.
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Time to Scrap Labor Day for 9/11 Day

CPT Freedom Wrote: Sep 12, 2013 2:23 PM
Call it "Remembrance Day" for 9-11 and the other times we've been attacked without provocation from Barbary, ( thru Brit impressment, French quasi-war, Mexico attacking Taylor) through Pearl Harbor.
I agree Mauk. The objection should be classifying many on this list as "conservative".
Sorry Listmeister (do you write anything not a list?). Way too many Statist RINO, neo-con FAUX (!!!) "conservatives" for this list to be valid or correct. Put REAL conservatives on the list. Normally I love your lists but this one, I'm afraid, is off the mark. Keep on going though!!!!
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