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Did I hear Rush say today that this computer failure was deliberate to keep people from actually knowing what the costs are to applicants...thereby trying to keep the fiction alive even longer? I was doing other things while listening to the radio...but I think that is what I heard. Folks, we are dealing with some serious deceitful evil people....
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The Real Helen Thomas

cpass Wrote: Jul 24, 2013 12:52 PM
She made the press corps look like the Star Wars bar scene. Agree that this woman added nothing but more divisiveness and support for enemies of the U.S. Lousy example of American journalism...although it seems to be all going in that tragic direction anyway now. :-(
We have discovered a new disease. It's called the Ezekiel-Sebelious Death Spiral, otherwise known as the "Complete Lives System." It is triggered by an overdose of Barack Obama, which means exposure to just one tiny gram and you've got it. You can't pay taxes? You are useless to society. Bye bye!! You use "too much" of the allotted healthcare budget? Bye bye! Older? Bye bye! Sick babies? Bye bye! Who needs sick babies, older people, and useless eaters? Bye bye!! Feed the system or call the funeral director....two choices. Yep! These folks are all about giving us "choices."
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