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When the Hemp Tax Act was passed in 1937, it required that farmers bring their hemp to a government facility to be weighed and have the proper tax calculated so the farmer could pay the tax and get the tax stamp. However, it was illegal to possess hemp without the tax stamp in your possession. Thus, each farmer, in bringing his crop to the government facility were already guilty of a felony crime. Further, the government refused to issue the tax stamps, even when the farmers complied with all the rules. As a result, the farmers switched to other crops, or became criminals. I do not see the situation in Colorado as too much different. The taxes are so onerous as to drive the black market continuously forward, which will eventually drive the legal market out of business, thus giving the government a opportunity to say, "see, we tried it. It didn't work. We will now recriminalize marijuana, as the criminal element is still on top and the users would apparently rather deal with criminals".
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Democrats: The REAL Party of the Rich

Coyote9 Wrote: Apr 01, 2014 10:23 AM
If that group truly cared about the long term interests of our nation, they would not be spending so much money that we don't have (and that our children won't have either). Sorry, I just don't buy that argument. They support these policies not for our national interest, but in the interest of their own power and control.
Pardon me, Miss, but your bigotry is showing...
The only thing this study show is that there are more folks with marijuana metabolites in their system who have died in automobile crashes. It does not say who was at fault in the accident and with marijuana metabolites remaining in the blood for weeks, it cannot be concluded that those having these in their blood were actually "high" at the time of the accident. Try again.
I just cannot fathom the idiocy of Chucky's constituency. This man is pure evil, hates the American way, and has been fighting his entire career to change America into some socialist utopia. He is snide, smarmy, nasty and everything that an Audie Murphy is not.
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The Liberal Strategy for 2014: Buffoonery

Coyote9 Wrote: Mar 28, 2014 7:29 AM
When has the Congress ever passed a Bill that has been given a name which had anything to do with the actual legislation in the Bill? I'm waiting for the new Chevrolet Affordable Corvette. It will actually cost more and perform less, yet it will be "Affordable" since that is part of the name. Yeah, Right! I still won't be able to "afford" it.
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Screw You, Mickey Kaus

Coyote9 Wrote: Mar 27, 2014 8:36 AM
Really? I didn't vote for Obama, or any of his fellow travellers. I am an American voter who is not getting what he deserves. I'm getting screwed because other people are too stupid to understand the rules of real life. They want some utopian society which will never exist, where "Society" is more important than individuals, and where all individual agree with "Society" (or end up in the re-education camps). Progressives are a dangerous lot, and America used to know this.
To clarify, Ex Post Facto only goes to a law that makes you a criminal for engaging in an act criminalized by the new law before the new law was enacted. However, it does not protect you from prosecution if you continue to engage in that activity after the law was passed. In this case, one cannot be prosecuted for owning an AR-15 prior to the laws passage, but you can be prosecuted for owning one after the law passes. That being said, this law is most certainly unconstitutional, as are any an all laws which violate the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution. Anyone thought of starting recall proceedings against those in the Connecticut's legislature who supported this law, along with the Governor? Molon Labe, Patriots!
I have serious reservations regarding claims by those actively engaging in sexual immorality, expressly prohibited by the Christian Bible, who claim to be Christians. Ms. Rooney must be reading a different Bible. If you are repentant (turning away from) and are no longer engaging in homosexual activity, then one can certainly adhere to the teachings found in the Bible. If you are not repentant, and continue to joyfully engage in said practices, your words are empty and of no meaning, and you are certainly no Christian. But, I believe in God and the teaching of Jesus. Yeah, but remember, even Satan believes in God and the teaching of Jesus (though he certainly despises the latter).
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Facts and Factions

Coyote9 Wrote: Mar 19, 2014 8:08 AM
Dr. Sowell, thanks for another great column. Here's the problem. Though Mitch McConnell has some claim to being a "conservative", I'd have to say he must have earned those stripes many years ago. Over the last half a dozen years, Mitch has bent, swayed and broken on many issues important to conservatives. Let us not even begin to talk about the payoff he got from Harry Reid for not supporting Ted Cruz and House Republicans during the very limited government shutdown last year. Mitch, and John Boehner have shown themselves to desire the same big government the Democrats love, and both need to be replaced with members who have a true conservative, limited government, perspective. Both, and others, should certainly find themselves in party primary campaigns.
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