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Much as the enforcement arm doesn't care who they kill, it's never their fault and never held accountable.
issue with gangs defending turf and shooting up the streets. Areas of blight in the cities were again prospering and life was generally better for all. What I'm getting at is, though there may be a slight increase in the number of folks who use marijuana, the human tragedy and suffering caused by a government run amok will be abated, and there will be no further incentive for the criminal cartels to be involved. Thus, less damage done to society in general. Modeled after the system we have in place for Alcohol sales and usage, will greatly reduce the problems you foresee.
in the decade prior to repeal of Alcohol Prohibition, there was already a huge helping of human tragedy and suffering. After the repeal, alcohol use did not go up (folks who drank were already drinking in illegal bars or making their own bathtub gin), human tragedy and suffering were abated and there were no more
You really think that Airlines won't be grounding said pilots who violate a company policy of now toking within 24 hours of a flight, as they currently do with their company policy requiring certain time intervals between using alcohol and flying? I suspect your hypothetical pilot would soon find himself a "former" pilot just as quickly as would a drunk pilot.
A study done several years ago by the Washington State patrol, using as subjects those who drank alcohol, those who used marijuana and a control group who did neither, found that marijuana users were nearly as safe in the application of driving skills as those in the control group (in some cases doing better than the control group). Those who drank alcohol were found to be the worst drivers. It was surmised in the findings that these results were due to the marijuana users having knowledge of their impairment and compensating (i.e. they were thinking critically), while those who drank alcohol suffered from the normal loss of inhibitions that alcohol is known for, and thus were not aware of how impaired they were and did not compensate.
I've used marijuana for over 40 years. I'm a highly skilled, highly sought after tech engineer working for a fortune 100 company. I'm one of the few remaining tax paying citizens of this country. I've been successful in raising a family, and all kids are straight 'A' students. I can't stand the taste of alcohol, the affects of drinking too much at one time (kneeling at the throne and hangovers), nor most of the drunks I've encountered (why is it that drunks engage in so much violence when drinking?). So, if you've ever drank alcohol, and enjoy the buzz, you are a hypocrite of immense proportion. BTW, I've only ever been involved in one accident, and only ever had one speeding ticket over 37 years of driving. The accident was caused by the other driver, who didn't notice that traffic had stopped, and rear-ended a car behind me, which was then pushed into my car. The driver causing the accident was drunk.
You are projecting. I guess, in your world, anyone who might vote against Obama does so because he is Black? Like most Democrats, you have a one dimensional view of the world.
You are projecting.
"Teahadists"? Seems the segregationists are still Democrats.
So, when did you interview KKK members to ascertain this? I can tell you truthfully, that today's KKK neither aligns with Democrats or Republicans. They are most all "Independents". You might find one or two, running for office somewhere, who do so under either the Democrat or Republican banner, but that is naught but a play for backing by a major party (you have noticed, there are very few in elected office who are neither Democrat or Republican). So, you are either misinformed, ignorant of the truth or a liar.
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