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Whereas the inside the beltway progressive/rino's may have already effectively surrendering to the caliph and believes they can only maintain their popularity with the NY Slimes believing they will always be the party out of power, the voter's may simply decide to take a chance with boneher and crew along with old mitch and force the repubs to take a stand against the caliph and pass some real legislation Even though it will force the caliph to issue vetoes, it will also put the caliph on the defensive as he would be forced to explain why he isn't working with the party controlling congress Oh course things would be made easier if boneher is replaced but reports maintain he is busy buying the votes to keep him in the speaker's chair
Elections are one of those things run by and controlled by the states and there is nothing the caliph can do to stop the elections
The caliph Hussein may have been elected and re-elected potus but he believes he has been made America's diktator who is above the law and can do whatever he wants and can never be held accountable for his actions But if ebola breaks out in America who believes that rino boneher will start impreachment proceedings
ask those limp wristed lisper's why they continue to defend his lies and why they can't comprehend their messiah of failed hope truly hates everything about America except wasting money and livin large
because unlike lowest we won't orally worship her messiah of failed hope meanwhile the caliph Hussein continues to prove how meaningless is his oath of office that he won't defend America against a dangerous virus he lacks the mental acumen to comprehend
The caliph remains as foreign to America as if he was dropped off by some alien space ship He not only knows nothing America, he never had the desire to learn who we are as a people
The only idiot the word can't applie to remains the caliph Hussein He can't lead He can't comprehend the danger of ebola And he can't come up with a plan totally protect America But he is ready to blame other's for more of his own failed presidency
the oval office clown continues to prove his disconnect with reality exactly how does exposing more people to a deadly virus do anything but aid the spread of the disease Guess the messiah of failed hope doesn't want to believe the WHO which is predicting 10,000 new cases a week in the future with fatal results for more then 70% of those afflicted meanwhile he wants to expose American's and America because he wants to prove to the world and his true believers that he is somehow compassionate but knowing how much he hates whites, it's doubtful he would have shown this level of concern if it was rampant in Europe or any place with a majority white population That it affects his dark skinned brethren who in his mind are being victimized by something whitey did is likely driving what little thinking happens in that vaccum between his ears
While this crisis wreaks havoc in parts of African't it makes no sense for the caliph Hussein to put America at risk because he can't comprehend the danger that allowing those from those countries to come here. But it points more to the caliph's cluelessness that any catastrophe affecting dark skinned folks must be addressed and helped but who believe he would have been so blind to any catastrophe if it affects the whites from europe
He is also an expert on gay bath house protocol's
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