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While Romney Campaigns in the Midwest, Obama Activists Dress Like Muppets

coveyrise Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 9:04 AM
This whole campaign had to be pretty embarrassing for Obama. Don't you know he didn't like it one bit when his campaign advisors told him, "Look Mr. President you can't run on your record because it sucks so about the only chance you have is to attack Mitt Romney with stupid stuff like hauling his dog on top of his car 20 years ago or finding someone who got laid off from their job even if it was 10 years after Romney left Bain Capital."
Tourists in downtown Washington, D.C. may have been confused by a small, colorful gathering on the mall on Saturday, as a group of activists came together for the “Million Puppet March” with a message of government support for PBS. While the Count may have been disappointed – the assembled crowd for this million-strong march was a few hundred at most – the activists in their cobbled-together homemade costumes did their best.

Big Bird, Grover and the Wild Things took pictures with fans in a sea of Obama/Biden signs and ‘Puppets Unite!’ posters. For anyone walking...