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Victim Card Pulled: "Picking On" Susan Rice is Sexist

coveyrise Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 3:08 PM
Typical Obama. Appoint a Female or African American to a high level govenment position and as soon as they skrew up, you yell "Racist" or "War on Women" if someone points out their skrew up. If they can't be accountable then perhaps we should go back to only appointing old, white men. No one seems to have a problem with criticizing them.

The victim card was officially pulled out by President Obama at a press conference earlier this week when he told reporters that Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham (he left female Senator Kelly Ayotte out of the list despite Ayotte being a strong critic of Susan Rice) shouldn't be going after U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice for her comments about Libya. Earlier this week McCain, Graham and Ayotte requested a select committee to look into what happened in Benghazi and all three suggested a Rice nomination for Secretary of State should be blocked.

“If Senator McCain and Senator...