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Sandra Fluke: Opposing the Contraception Mandate Is Just Like Opposing Leukemia Coverage

coveyrise Wrote: Feb 02, 2013 8:49 AM
Hummm, so now we have pregnancy considered the same as a life threatening illness do we? Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't pregnancy occur as a result of people deciding to get naked and perform the act as opposed to unknowingly and through no action of their own contracting a deadly disease? If that's the case then can't pregnancy be avoided by simply refraining from the unprotected act that causes it in the first place? Maybe someone needs to explain all this to Ms. Fluke before she goes on any more TV shows and makes a fool of herself again.
Curtis104 Wrote: Feb 02, 2013 9:01 AM
I never thought I'd see the day that the people of this country would become so stupid! Just the fact that an idiot like Fluke (her name says it all) would be telling people what to do or how to live their lives is ridiculous! I guess, to liverals, pregnancy is a disease,, hopefully that means there will be fewer of them around! Kinda like Uncle Joe Stalin, who didn't want his people fooling around and having children, until he realized that his army was shrinking too! Who in his right mind would listen to this idiot?
traitorbill Wrote: Feb 02, 2013 8:57 AM
Pregnancy and guns are the two greatest threats to man in liberalville. The irony is that they create and protect lives. This proves once again that liberalism is a psychotic state of mind.

On MSNBC this afternoon, Sandra Fluke truly outdid herself, attempting to argue that the people who disagree with the contraception mandate on religious freedom grounds are in the same category as people who oppose insurance coverage for leukemia.

What's important to note is that some of the folks who are continuing to object to this policy are actually worried about employers who are private companies, not religiously affiliated employers in any way, but the boss has a particular religious concern, and they want to be able to deny...