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Obama's Immigration Plan: Expedite 11 Million Illegal Immigrants to Citizenship

coveyrise Wrote: Jan 29, 2013 4:04 PM
I saw this speech on TV. What a joke. It was a weak history lesson of how immigrants have come to America in the past except he left out one little detail. They did it legally in order to become citizens. It was obvious that the Senate stole all his thunder yesterday so he just turned it into another campaign rally. What a waste of time and money.
traitorbill Wrote: Jan 29, 2013 4:15 PM
I'm waiting for the shooting to start.

President shuck and jive.

President Obama has wrapped up his $1.6 million campaign event immigration reform speech in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"Now is the time for common sense, comprehensive immigration reform," Obama said.

Piggybacking off of a bipartisan immigration reform plan presented by eight Senators yesterday, Obama called on Congress to quickly come up with legislation.

"We can't allow immigration reform to get bogged down in endless debate," Obama said. "For the first time in years, Republicans and Democrats seem ready to attack this problem together."

Although Obama focused on further enforcement as a top priority for reform,...