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Negative Ads Flood the Airwaves in Campaign's Final Days

coveyrise Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 9:05 AM
This whole campaign had to be pretty embarrassing for Obama. Don't you know he didn't like it one bit when his campaign advisors told him, "Look Mr. President you can't run on your record because it sucks so about the only chance you have is to attack Mitt Romney with stupid stuff like hauling his dog on top of his car 20 years ago or finding someone who got laid off from their job even if it was 10 years after Romney left Bain Capital."
With two days to go, Americans across the country - but especially in swing states - are getting deluged with negative advertising in what is, by the numbers, the most attack-ad-filled campaign in recent history.

The Obama campaign has bought in Ohio a slew of ads attacking Mitt Romney's time as a Bain Capital executive, claiming that Romney's work in the private sector destroyed jobs for personal profit. Obama has also brought out another ad re-upping the famous "47 percent" video of Romney's. The strange, alienating theme of this campaign is "Mitt Romney - not one of us."