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How Republicans Can Find Themselves

coveyrise Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 8:21 AM
Here's a little political irony for you. When George W. Bush proposed Comprehensive Immigration Reform that would give illegals, already here in the US a pathway to citizenship, and allow for a guest worker program the Republicans who had control of both houses of Congress refused to support him. Now the Democrats have the Hispanic vote and are about to propose an almost identical Legislation to Reform Immigration Policy. IF Republicans had listened back then this would have been an entirely different election.
coveyrise Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 8:26 AM
We are kidding ourselves if we think we are going to Deport 14 million Hispanics who have been here illegally for many years. There may have been a time 50 years ago when this would happen but not today. Until Republicans accept this and take the lead on doing something positive about it they will have a difficult time winning the White House again. Hispanics reproduce at twice the rate of White Americans so their percentage of the electorate is growing at an expanding rate. Not only are most of them productive residents those who are here legally and have the right to vote will have a major influence on all future elections.
NullifyNow Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 9:07 AM
What you mean to say is that the GOP should have conducted amnesty. What should have happened when they had control of the government was to boot out the new ones and those under sixteen years old (along with their vile and corrupt parents) before it was too late.

It is now too late. They didn't act. They didn't do what they needed to do. They were cowards, sissies, and chickens. McCain, Bush, Lindsey Graham are all to blame for the genocide. They ought to face the gallows for it.

Now we have tens of millions of criminals who never existed before (they weren't born here or were not subject to the jurisdiction) voting for the Democrats. Bush and McCain (Council on Foreign Relations) saw to it.

It's destruction or civil war..

Soul-searching is not in the GOP’s blood. Many Republicans see themselves as stoic, rugged and hardworking individuals. But after twice losing the White House to an ex-community organizer and failing to mobilize the base, Republicans need to take a trip to a mountainous valley, sip some tea and meditate.

In the quiet of nature, I think Republicans would find that the solutions to winning lie within themselves. After my own reflection, I developed three key insights into how the GOP can win presidential elections going forward:

#1 Keep an open mind

Early on, talking heads like Ann Coulter disparaged Romney...