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Confirmed: There Was No 'Protest' of Any Kind Outside the Benghazi Consulate

coveyrise Wrote: Oct 10, 2012 11:24 AM
And just think, these are the same assssholes who are accusing Mitt Romney of lying. We used to impeach Presidents for less than this but I guess we can't do that to our First Black President so we need to just vote his sorry assss out.

The journos at ABC News treated this development as a "bombshell" on World News Tonight, but for those of us who've been paying close attention, it's nothing of the sort.  CBS News, Fox and McClatchy had ABC scooped by, oh, about three weeks.  But better late than never, I suppose.  The "news" here is that the administration is finally playing catch-up and confirming what we knew back when they were spinning a totally different fairy tale: