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Let israel fight its own wars!
STEM is folly. The argument that Americans are too dumb and lazy to fill our jobs is a hard sell with me. STEM as a solution to tech graduation rates is a self fulfilling prophecy because it forces Americans away from tech fields. If there is a tech labor shortage, the Department of Labor knows nothing about it. Layoffs in the tech industry are often and real. No brainer? Think about it some rather than parrot this drivel.
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GOP-Style Immigration

couvmark Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 9:17 AM
"America needs more highly skilled workers" ? The starting salaries for tech graduates are flat. Layoffs in the tech industries abound. Every immigrant, both legal and otherwise displaces an American in a job or at a university. Moreover, this labor shortage is one that US Labor Department knows nothing about. The notion that Americans are too dumb or too lazy to do certain jobs or attend our universities is a hard sell with me and should also be with political class making lucid immigration laws. Linda Chaves is entitled to her own opinion but not her own facts.
The notion that Americans are too dumb or too lazy to be entrepreneurs is a hard sell with me and many Americans. The constructed statistics used to affirm these non-facts are not given sufficient scrutiny. What is the number of businesses created by non-immigrants? Does anyone know? Does anyone care? Is it relavent to this discussion? Why is conflicting data ignored? Every job taken by an immigrant displaces an American. The associated social consequences of increasing immigration, both legal and otherwise will stalk us for generations. We should tread lightly and consider all the facts.
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