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Did you misplace your aluminum foil hat over the holidays? If so there are likely some metallic based wrapping paper from which you can construct another.
I assume that comparing your champion to the person that you consider to be the worst President in history and not being able to identify how he has done better actually harms your argument. For your information - George W. Bush and William J. Clinton are no longer in office and cannot serve again. I was hoping to have a person that could actually lead. Instead we just have another person that spends their time making people feel better about a bad situation - rather than doing the hard work to make the situation better. I remain a proud member of the 49.4% that votes against the guy that got 50.6% of the votes.
A rather simplistic and myopic view. A bank's compliance is evaluated based on making whether it makes mortgages - not whether those to whom the loan is extended can pay the mortgage. The evaluation is about whether the loan is made - not whether the bank keeps it. A securitization of CRA and subprime mortgages is simply a method to pass the risk (which the bank may not have wanted to take) on to the folks (Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, etc., aka: Federal Government) that induced them to make the questionable loans. Perhaps the banks should have kept the loans and failed themselves? I am sorry, but you seem be unable to face the reality, or perhaps are not able to think deeper than a political talking point.
Ms. Marsden's opinion is labeled as such; however, since we are talking about being put under the microscope - perhaps a test and licensing of journalist would also be in order. No one wants to abridge a free press, but to allow those with their own agenda to present their view as news or journalism is uncalled for. A few reasonable restrictions on unsavory behavior or slanted reporting is all I am looking for...!
I doubt that Republicans are Fascist. If they were they could have made the trains run on time. However, Democrats are naive Socialist - that is they have not realized that they have run out of other people's money to spend. You need to expand your intellectual capital and perhaps come up with a new mantra. While your persistence is admirable - it is rather boring and uninspired.
The only difference between Democratic and Republican politicians is that Democratic politicians want to control all of the wealth in the country, while Republican politicians only want to control most of the wealth in the country. A cynic might think the problem is not whether they are Democrats or Republicans - but that they are politicians.
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Lessons of the Battle of Benghazi

A_49_Percenter Wrote: Nov 10, 2012 2:50 PM
It is unlikely that we will learn much from this experience, other than a new list of excuses for demonstrated incompetence.
Odd. The learned columnist has a redundant phrase in the title to his column.
Odd. President Obama believes that he has moved from community organizer, to part time professor, to part time Senator and with the benefit of part time security briefings to a foreign affairs maven in four short years. Think of how expert Mitt Romney would be in four years since he has shown that he will show up for work every day, apply himself diligently and not be worried about which celebrity he will be able to meet with. I think perhaps Mitt Romney will easily match President Obama's self declared expertise in about two to three months.
President Obama actually only wants to redistribute other people's wealth. I refer you to each of the candidates path to wealth. Governor Romney became very wealthy BEFORE he went into politics. President Obama became very wealthy AFTER he went into politics. A perfect example of redistributing others wealth - to him.
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