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Here we go again, the left blaming legal gun owners for the crimes of illegal gun owners. We will not give up our guns, period! If you want a Civil War, "come on".
All gun control legislation is about controlling the law abiding citizens. Gun control will not control those who seek to commit mayhem. Of course if Feinstein gets her way, her legislation would make criminals of all us who say, " We are keeping our guns, MOLON LABE!"
When governments ban guns, they are usually looking to murder those who disagree with their ideology, and or racially different. Who does our government want to murder?
To all you gun banning "idiots', I have one question. Who do you want to murder, or eliminate, or re-educate. You are not taking our guns. This is the line in the sand. Most gun owners never commit crimes and you are targeting law abiding citizens. It is against the law to murder, yet you blame the law abiding citizens. If you want a civil war, try taking our guns.The 2nd amendment was put in place to protect the citizens against a tyrannical government. The attempted taking of weapons from the common citizens is tyranny and will not be tolerated. Molon Labe!
So media elites can hire armed guards and yet they write columns to deny the same right to the normal citizens of this country. What a bunch of hypocrites. I see all these columns about taking up the guns and making everything safer, gosh they just made the journal news an unsafe place to work. It is not a "gun free zone" now. How dare they demand confiscation of my weapons and hire armed guards to protect them. This is why liberal have no argument, they want to pick and choose which laws they are allowed to break, but everyone else has to follow the law.
Not just not but HELL NO !
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