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In Search of Conservative Leadership

country0129 Wrote: Jul 09, 2012 7:44 AM
I also remember what my daddy did, outraged by those claims of Kruschev. He and all his brothers served in WWII. He wrote President (General) Eisenhower, and I quote: "Ike, you tell Kruschev to go to hell, and I'll help you put him there." I, too, spent 29 years serving to preserve the liberty guarunteed by the Constitution of the United States, and I have this to say, "Tell 'em all to go to hell, and I'll help you put 'em there."
The annual Independence Day party that I host at my home was particularly alive with conversation this year. Conversation probably not too different from what was taking place in a lot of backyards around the country.

Folks are concerned that our nation is in bad shape and dangerously, maybe even hopelessly, adrift.

The choreography was in place to assure a downbeat Independence Day party for a house filled with conservatives. A listless economy, coupled with the cold shower of the Supreme Court’s decision in the prior week giving most of Obamacare a constitutional green light. To compound...