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(paraphrasing Dear Leader) "I got my shotgun & I got my dubl-aught want them, come to my house & I'll surrender them......9 pellets at a time". I've seen what the stuff does to 4-legged varmints & wouldn't want to discriminate against 2-legged ones.
Awww Shucks!!! I was hopin' to ship H. Reid off to Russia. Hope this crisis gets resolved soon!
Wonder if it would be illegal to machine up about 1500 pounds of the parts from something that smells like dog "poo". Let them keep that in their evidence locker until trial.
Obama answer to Putin takeover of Crimea: "White House Launches 'ACA Bracket' for March Madness". Take that!
Your points are taken. I feel much better now.
If the Dems are collectively down 5 points or so on Oct. 15, you can count on seeing a mushroom cloud somewhere in the world to get the US citizenry back on board with Dear Leader!
Thinkin" I'd like to see Gretchen interview Lois Lerner. No kid gloves in this segment! Loved the way she got the "undocumented" info in even though the lawyer wouldn't say it (and got it attributed to him too).
Circlin' the drain before our very eyes. Whooppeee! Maybe I won't have to go to prison for non-compliance after all.
At some point, she's goin' under the bus. If she keeps her mouth shut, there will be an eleventh hour pardon, with a statement about how she was abused and bankrupted by the evil, partisan, woman-hating, knuckle-dragging Republicans. Nuthin' to see here citizens, keep movin'
Wondering if the geniuses that passed this "unenforceable" law and the governor who signed it and the prosecutors who will enforce it will be returned to office in their next election. If they are then CT is getting the government it deserves!
Make that "2016". If there is an election in 2916, I guess I won't be voting!
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