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The "King" and all his union thugs had 3, count em' 3 chances and they couldn't beat Gov. Walker. It's finished and so is the "King". November 6, 2012 and the obama nightmare is over.
I wasn't aware that the "patriotic liberal" (as if there is such a thing) had moved to Wisconsin. But this could also be "bob munck big shot democrat insider", too. Maybe Gov. Walker needs to fund mental health to a greater degree, especially after this crushing defeat to the union thugs.
PUNY, PUNY, PUNY, PUNY, PUNY, PUNY, little turd of a man is the Chicago street punk. PUNY, and he couldn't carry Walesa's jock strap either when it comes to being a patriot. b. hussein obama is a third rate, Chicago street punk. Nothing more. He's PUNY.
"Repudiate" all you want but we're not going to allow another "McCain 08 2.0" type campaign. The Chicago street punk is goin' be vetted thoroughly this time around. Whether you re-pu-bi-cans like it or not. We're not goin' leave it up to you this time! Ya' folla'.....
Rev. "Wrong" is fair game. It gives us insight into this guy called obama. It should be vetted completely. After all, he sat in front of this guy for 20 years, listening to weekly diatribes excoriating the US of KKK! While, extolling the virtues of Black liberation theology. And look, it's time to face facts, this guy obama, more than likely was not eligible to be POTUS. He represents the greatest flim flam ever perpetrated on the American people.
If ,obama was, in fact, born in Kenya, then we have a full blown, Constitutional crisis on our hands. We have lawlessness in our Federal Government. Who is obama? It's as if he appeared one day with no past! How did he afford to go to Occidental College, then onto Columbia(an Ivy League school), and then finally to Harvard Law school? All while doing so with NO VISIBLE means of support.
Why did a literary agency in 1991, in selling books about obama, state that he was born in Kenya? And raised in Hawaii and Indonesia.
Maher is "manna" from Heaven, solid gold, for every time he opens his month, the democrat party losses another half a million votes. So "preach on preacher", and don't let em' shut you up, you punk!
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Scott Walker Can Relax

Cottoneyed77 Wrote: Apr 12, 2012 6:10 PM
I don't think it will even be close. Gov. Walker's done a fabulous job and is a pattern for other States to get their fiscal house in order. Much to the chagrin of the union goons.
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