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"Negotiating," Democrat-Style

Cottoneyed3 Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 3:34 PM
A "balanced approached" is needed to solve the so-called "fiscal cliff". Therefore, spending cuts in entitlements must be part of that balanced approach! After all, none other the POTUS stated as much. Didn't he?
For the first time in my life, I'm now proud of my country. Aren't you proud?
I think "pissobama" is one of, if not, the highest form of artistic expression! Simple but powerful. Understated elegance. Tragic yet, inspiring. Sublime beauty. It incorporates all that's necessary to be considered one of the most majestic pieces of art ever produced. Isn't it wonderful that we live in a country that allows this to happen. I've never been proud of my country until this day! I stand in awe!
You've just come to that conclusion? Better late than never, i suppose. There is NO LIVING with them. That's why I've advocated for years, that there be a complete and total separation from them. Our families demand it! The decent deserve to live their lives free from the excesses of the indecent left. It's the ONLY way forward. They've corrupted the courts, the legislatures, and the presidency when they control it. In short they corrupt everything they get their hands on! Separate NOW.....
But here's the difference. Conservative values and ideology are the very SAME values and ideology of the Founders, who FOUNDED this Republic. Your ideology is inherently at odds with our founding principles. You are far more in line with a Castro, a Chavez, or other totalitarians than you are with the Founders. To that there can be NO argument. If JFK were to come back today he would be, at least, a republican, if not a Conservative. It's breathtaking that the modern democrat party has MORE in common with the man who JFK fought, that is Castro!
No, it wasn't a "war". It was a message................sent, received, and it had the desired result. No such thing for the Chicago street punk.
Surely you're not comparing Ronald Reagan to a Chicago street punk are ya'. Surely not.......the punk had a momma who posed nude for an avowed communist when she was 17 years. She was spreadin em' for this communist and he was in his 50s. The "photo shoot" was published in a 50s era nudie magazine. obamas momma represents a first. First president to have had his momma pose nude! And first president to have his momma to pose nude for an avowed communist. Lottsa' firsts for the Chicago street punk! Isn't there........."historic"...just absolutely historic...........LoL......the Chicago street punk is really, "incomparable"
"You republicans, you republicans". First off you damn fool, most here are CONSERVATIVES, and most of us don't care very much for that party. So take your "lecture" and stick it.......ya' folla' you indecent fool.........and why aren't you out picketing somewhere for "gay marriage" or some other inane venture! Meant to weaken the traditional American culture. And replace it with your indecency.
Say, Fan Tan, turn around and exit the sight. As far as your opinions, your thoughts, your musings are concerned, we could careless. Personally, i don't want my children playing with your children, i don't want to shop in the same stores, i damn sure don't want my children going to the same schools! What i want is a complete and total separation from you and what you represent. Indecency! In short, the decent want to live their lives free from the excesses of the indecent left. I don't wanta' see ya', hear ya', or smell ya'........ya' folla' that clear enuf' for ya'.......
The "voters", at least 52% of them are just, well there's no delicate way to put this, STUPID. No better example of this, is the House race in Florida where you have a drugged, drenched, drunk, punk seemingly ahead of a war hero!! A two bit PUNK, Patrick Murphy, may defeat Col. Allen West. This can only happen where you have STUPID voters who shouldn't be allowed to vote. Decent people should not have to live under the dictates of so stupid an electorate. This is just another reason why there needs to be a complete split, a separation from the indecent left. We simply CANNOT live with them. Leave them to their evil devices.
GOOD, that will give us a chance to pin this radicals ears back!
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