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Ted Cruz wins Texas Senate Seat

Cosda Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 1:08 AM
Not sure what your point is. I was "over there" in 03 & 04. My kid's Guard unit has done 3 deployments as a unit and a bunch more as fill ins. Now they are helping out in NYC because of the storm. Are we supposed to quit becuase you don't like Bush? Or do we keep on keeping on because we are americans?

Ted Cruz has been named the victor in the Texas senate race. With only 54% of precincts reporting it is clear that the Republican, Ted Cruz, has won the senate seat in Texas. Currently it stands at 57% of votes to Cruz and only 41% to Sadler.

This was an open seat vacated earlier by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. Sadler was grossly underfunded and performed poorly in the debates. This is a much-needed win for the Republicans to maintain their numbers in the Senate.

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