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Where are the National Guardsmen from Kent State when you need them?
My doctor knows I own guns. He and his wife shoot with me.
Hard to believe that this is the same state whose residents shot the James/Younger gang to pieces during the Northfield bank robbery. I guess Minnesotans were made of sterner stuff back then.
Her husband, Mark Kelly,the US Navy captain, definitely has a gun nearby. It is only US peons who don't need them.
Somebody needs to stick something in her mouth to keep her from making noise.
Something happened to the Kennedy family about the time Ted drowned Mary Jo. They went from being good men and patriots, even if liberal leaning, to being total whack jobs.
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What We Women Want

Cosda Wrote: Jul 26, 2014 7:50 PM
I saw the title, "What Women Want". Before I clicked and open the article I said to myself: "Money". Not because women are greedy but because like everyone else: male, female, or whatever your identification, money is how we measure our wants and needs against each other. Money is called the root of all evil but why then does every church, mosque ,temple, or synagogue on the planet collect it?
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On Cantor's Breathtaking Blowout Loss

Cosda Wrote: Jun 11, 2014 4:25 PM
Best thing that could have happened to you, Eric. Now go out and get a job for a couple of years and learn how to be an American again. Take the advise of David Crockett when he was voted out of Congress: "You can all go to hell. I'm going to Texas!"
I have three young adult daughters. I think rape is evil. I also know that evil will always be around until we all are followers of Christ. I taught all my daughters to shoot. One went so far as to become a US Army expert marksman with the 9 mm. I've also taught my sons to respect women, but until every kid grows up with a father who teaches right from wrong, I want my girls able to defend themselves.
I listened to his speech, something I generally avoid. He spoke very quickly, as if he were trying to finish a required but unpleasant task, in contrast to Reagan's1984 measured, reverential manner. I know Reagan was an actor, but he was B-list. Obama is a real A-hole actor.
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