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Questions the Press Doesn't Ask

Corndog2 Wrote: Dec 25, 2012 12:03 PM
Of course Hillary is lying. Have you seen the dumper on that woman? She's built like a weeble. There's no way she fell down and suffered a concussion. Weebles wobble but they don't fall down.
ppotts Wrote: Dec 25, 2012 5:13 PM
I don'[t know about all that but she is for sure a lawyer. LOL
Merry Christmas to the Fourth Estate! Hope you've enjoyed your goose or turkey or whatever your family tradition includes (latkes for those who are Jewish). When you return to work, there are a few loose ends on which you might want to follow up.

"Follow up." It's a term that has gone out of style in the age of Obama. You members of the press have become remarkably uncurious since he's been in the White House. A blanket of benevolent uncuriousness smothers news about Obama administration wrongdoing.

The Secretary of State, who took "full responsibility" for the Benghazi debacle,...

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