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Anyone willing to take any cabinet position in the obama administration should automatically be disqualified for shear stupidity.
I'd rather punch an outer hippy.
I think I'm going to start pick and choosing which laws I want to obey.
Overall, I agree with this column as it regards to the American people, but ain't nothing going to happen on the current POS Commander in Chief's watch.
What about white? Isn't white a color?
I know one Attorney General who should be Lynch......ed.
So if our presidential candidate turns out to be more black than obama, and the moonbats disagree with him, does that make them more racist?
But, But, But us conservatives are racist right?
No need to apologize. We're on the same team. I'm sure many of us have thought the same thing.
If I could borrow a line from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar: "We've come to bury obama, not to praise him"
At some point in the conversation either Boehner or McConnell needs to say "We won". P.S. Remember the Game of Thrones 'Red Wedding' episode, and watch your backs.
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