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"Average Mom" was a prop........No. Next you'll be telling me those people in white lab coats standing behind the bamster during his kick-off of obamacare weren't really doctors.
Toomey has p!$$ed me off, but the thought of sestak, kane, or matthews representing us is beyond scary. I worked for sestak for two years and the man is clinically insane. He was fired as a three star admiral, but you don't see that in his bio.
I'm with you Sloandog. Things down here in Lancaster are getting any better either. We have a shooting or stabbing a week, with the last name of the perp always ending in 'EZ'. You've local municipalities trying to enact their own gun laws. You've got an AG who should be behind bars. I'm just putting in enough time to get close enough to retirement, and then packing up my bags and moving to Texas or Wyoming.
You know what they say, "When you fall off the treadmill, you have to get right back on".
When confronted by a bad guy with an AK-47, you'd better be armed with something a little higher caliber than a Schwinn.
Yet that fatfuck has no problem lionizing che guevara, fidel castro, and nelson mandela.
Think I might just convert all my investments to gold and ammo. If obama wants my stuff, he can come and get it.
What an appropriate place for the GOP to meet, seeing as how they are giving it to their conservative base up the Hershey Highway.
Is it just a coincidence that boehner is looking kind of Oompa Loompa orange at the Hershey Chocolate factory?
I have to admit, I'm a wee bit torn with my thoughts on them catching this guy.
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