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Comparing contraception access to boko haram is like comparing liberalism to rational thought......they're both diametrically opposed.
6. Yes, I will have fries with that order.
5 most popular sports in America: 1. Football 2. Baseball 3. Basketball 4. Hockey 5. Anything but soccer
Hey Ape-Shrill, If you think obama is smarter than me....prove it. I'll gladly show you my college transcripts as well as my 21 year military record.
As we are soon to be guests in a Hispanic run Estados Unidos.
Beer and mooslime huntin'. Sign me up.
Hey France, Remember when you used to complain about those loud obnoxious American tourists flooding your country snapping photos, butchering the French Language, ordering Merlot with the Camembert, and generally dropping gobs of cash into your nation? Bet we don't seem so bad now, eh?
If these were Honduran Chickens fleeing an oppressive regime not only would Rep. braley have to let them on his land, he'd also have to feed them, educate them, and provide free veterinary care.
How does Rep. Braley even know this happened? Did he catch his neighbor's c 0 c k and pullet in his yard?
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