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When Government Offers to Help, It Often Makes a Mess

Corlyss Wrote: Jan 01, 2013 5:26 AM
Amen! I'm still waiting for stock holders to sue the government for interference with their contract rights. This most lawless of administrations in my lifetime has screwed over property owners repeatedly. Just wait until EPA bans fracking on private property. Will property owners rise up and demand their constitutional rights?
There's a natural human impulse to help people who need a hand. In the political world, that often translates to an impulse to have government help people who need a hand. Who wants to argue with that?

But experience tells us that it's not always easy to help. Individuals' good intentions go awry. Government programs sometimes produce unintended consequences that make things worse for the intended beneficiaries.

Consider what could be called the three H's: health care, housing and higher education.

Over the last generation and more, government has stepped in to help ordinary individuals and those with special problems on...