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Is Obama Really Committed to Leading the Gun Control Charge?

Corlyss Wrote: Dec 18, 2012 6:38 PM
"empirical evidence should matter more than raw emotions:" That happens so rarely when dealing with Dems as to be an unrealistic expectation. You have only to look at the fiscal cliff matter. Everyone knows that spending, and specifically entitlements, are the cause of the problem. Does Obama bring his proposals for serious spending cuts to the table? Nope. Typical. Dems live in a different world than the rest of us.

In the wake of Friday's ghastly events in Connecticut, many Americans -- politicians and pundits especially -- have added their voices to the "do something" chorus.  This impulse is understandable.  It's human.  Twenty-six innocent victims are dead, the majority of them precious young children.  The desire to help, to act, to fix can be overwhelming.  The president, a father of two young girls, has played the role of grief-counselor-in-chief in recent days; at times, he's barely managed to suppress his sadness and maintain his composure during public statements.  Pressure is now mounting on him to prominently champion new gun...