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"One reason for Democrats' discontent with Obama is that he doesn't schmooze with them. As Tip O'Neill used to say, people like to be asked. Obama doesn't like to ask." This guy is so much like Nixon that it almost makes one believe in transmigration or at least body snatching. Nixon was ill-at-ease among humans not his immediate family, he didn't do a darn thing for Congressional Republicans or Republican state officials during his time in office. And then he goes and gives them the disastrous electoral debacle represented by Watergate.
Their emphasis on this mail-in vote issue is just proof of what most of us understood to be the purpose of Clinton's "voter reforms": i.e., to facilitate voter fraud as practiced by Dems on a massive scale. It's appalling to think we can't get internet voting or even computerized machines for voting because the Dems always attack it as hackable. At least it takes a lot of expertise to hack those machines, far about the ordinary pol's level. With mail fraud, all the have to do is just "lose" a pile of absentee forms and suddenly "find" a box of them all filled out in the back rooms of the larges precinct.
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The Epic Meltdown of the Gun-Grabbers

Corlyss Wrote: Sep 13, 2013 5:35 PM
One of the things I found heartwarming about Giron's loss was how confident she was in her district to save her. I love it. A sort of Daschle moment. The fact that some plumbers engineered her recall reminds me of Steve Stockman, housepainter, unseating that smug troll Jack Brooks in 1994
That's the very definition of a Government Sponsored Entity.
"The Postal Service takes pictures of every piece of mail processed in the United States — 160 billion last year — and keeps them on hand for up to a month." I agree with everything you say about the PO but really, can't you do better, in terms of citing sources, than to cite the slovenly media? Surely there must be some Postal reg or a GAO report.
You need to read Charles Murray's work. The Obamanoids didn't create the cast system. The social welfare spending for the last 60 years created it. Now that same spending renders the disparity even more intractable at the same time it's growing the numbers of people on the dole.
It was my understanding that fed retirees would not be forced off the FEHBP.
"Republicans eat their young." I suppose this is contrasted with Democrats, who eat everyone else's young?
"But racial discrimination is unlawful and has been rightly repudiated by the American people." Oh, they didn't mean to prevent racial discrimination IN FAVOR of blacks or Latinos . . . .
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