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The electric cars thing was a joke from the beginning. Why? Because the major source of electric energy is coal. It only stands to reason that more electric cars = more coal burning. Simple logic.
Well, who reads a music magazine for intelligent commentary about public policy anyway? There's plenty more journals with more gravitas in the areas RS claims to have a serious opinion.
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WaPo Writer: "Santorum is Running Again"

Corlyss Wrote: Dec 11, 2014 2:10 AM
When is this dim bulb going to get the message and stop plaguing the electoral process.
I'm a lot more afraid of the party running some I*di*ot like Paul or Cruz.
The problem is not with the race or the gender. The problem is with untested tyros running from the Congress, or business, or medicine, who have zero experience running anything. They don't even run their own campaigns. The complexity of governance demands someone experienced in that kind of leadership. That is why Americans always do better with governors and generals as presidents.
The university should sue too for defamation, but the silly bimbo who runs the place rolled over for the story from jump. The Alums should be outraged and should demand her resignation immediately.
"The Post's Erik Wemple has documenting this meltdown extensively." He better start looking for a job with Breitbart cuz he'll likely never work again for an MSM publication. He attacked the meme with facts. Unforgiveable!
It's part of the "rape culture" meme being peddled by the desperate Dims in the run-up to the '16 election. They are simultaneously attacking the military and the colleges. Next up, the entertainment media. They want the "rape culture" story front and center to soften up the electorate for Hillary.
There's a reason all these bimbos are coming out of the wood work now: they're being launched at a respected black who talks the message of personal responsibility to black men who are in desperate need of reform. There's a reason for statutes of limitations: it's to prevent this kind of egregious lying when evidence is no longer available to prove or disprove the allegations.
"How Do You Spell “I-N-D-O-C-T-R-I-N-A-T-I-O-N”?" Liberal education reform
"It also said Planned Parenthood's home page already links to another page that gives patients access to the state's materials." IOW it was already pregnant, so too late to object to it elsewhere.
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