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http://www.pewhispanic.org/2008/02/11/us-population-projections-2005-2050/ If you look at figure 6, you'll see projected black population increase in no way approaches projected white population increase. Neither does Latino or Asian. Combined however, they are projected to outnumber white population.
We see the effects of Affirmative Action in the White House as well.
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Facts vs. Visions

Corlyss Wrote: Aug 26, 2014 3:02 AM
Naturally the fact that there were only 3 blacks on the Ferguson police force made the 300 lb. gansta wannabe rob the convenience store. American racist blacks live in a bubble of Articles of Faith ably expressed by the moronic Holder and his "minorities are incapable of racism" theories and his and Obamas views that nothing has changed since 1959 vis the races, and if it did change, it was only because the blacks lost control of the narrative when affirmative action gave us the first black president. In other words, when America elected Obama it invalidated race-based organizations nationwide, and they could recover control of their narrative only by pretending that nothing had changed since 1959. It's a perverse and despicable attitude.
Nothing is cheaper in this age of social media than faux outrage. Twitter and FB would have no subscribers without them.
"Thousands of Americans questioned the tweets' intention and responded to the embassy on Twitter." There are some children with way too much time on their hands that need closer supervision by their mothers. It was a joke! We got even with them by sending 3 WH people to Ferguson after sending none to Thatcher's services last year. Some black gansta wannabe merited more attention than one of the towering figures of the late 20th Century. Nobody can do myopia like this crew of nitwits in the White House now.
"The editorial writers of the Washington Post and the New York Times agreed. A "tendentious prosecution," the Post wrote, noting that it was not the first one launched in Austin. The Texas town also produced the 2006 campaign finance indictment of former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay that was finally ruled invalid last year." I'm sure it hasn't been lost on Mr. Barone that the point is not to get pristine convictions that would stand up to judicial review, any more than the prosecution of Ted Stevens was intended to result in conviction that would stand up against judicial review. The point was and is to knock them out of the game. And two of the three accomplished precisely that and may well end up 3 for 3. It's the same corrupt politics that resulted in Jack Ryan being knocked out of the game in 2004 and got us the id*io*t in the White House we have now. People who don't understand that the Democrats DON'T CARE about anything except getting Democrats into office. They will lie, cheat, steal, kill, destroy careers and livelihoods, jail the innocent, promote the guilty and give the electorate the Alfred E. Newman "who me?" cockeyed stare.
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Not Nearly as Daunting as the 1960s Riots

Corlyss Wrote: Aug 23, 2014 8:50 PM
"Census data make it clear that, unlike the 1960s, black Americans are able to move to suburbs when they wish, and there's not much evidence that suburban police departments treat them unfairly." That's not enough for the race pimps. They lobbied for and got race-based redistricting on the grounds that only a black Congressman could represent them. The entire CBC is based on that assumption. The younger generation and the race hustlers want black cops for black districts and keep the white cops away as well as preferential treatment. All this PC multiculti claptrap has gotten us is re-segregation because the blacks want it that way. They point to the disproportionate number of blacks in prison and claim that they are there because of white racism, not because of black crime. They are now pressing for the crimes that young blacks specialize in to be decriminalized. I foresee a day when will start seriously clamoring for dismissing charges against blacks so long as there are more black defendants than whites for the same crimes. The one police tactic that law-abiding black citizens in troubled neighborhoods really appreciate is the "broken windows" approach; activists have now set their sights on eliminating that from the police toolkit precisely because it nets more black defendants! When boneheaded De Blasio ascended to the throne, he began targeting police programs that were effective. Bratton tried feebly to defend stop-and-frisk on the basis that their "profiles" were based on victim reports, not the kids' colors. De Blasio ignored the remark, preferring Al Sharpton for an advisor. So much for reality. De Blasio might as well put Al Sharpton in charge of the police force. He basically has already done that.
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Has Citizenship Jumped The Shark?

Corlyss Wrote: Jul 20, 2014 2:32 PM
Ever since the ACLU and SCOTUS determined that the benefits of citizenship belonged to all residents regardless, there's been no point in becoming one if you aren't already. This was a systematic effort to degrade our sense of nationalism and national pride. It worked. Several years ago someone surveyed residents who were not citizens and found that very few of them wanted to become citizens. They wanted the American dream, but not enough to become Americans and work for it. No, they wanted the dream, the wealth they could ship home in the form of remittances, and the retirement on SSI that would enable them to live like kings and queens in the benighted countries of their birth, but no thanks to American citizenship. Pathetic.
Calling themselves liberals was as clever a bit of rebranding as has been pulled on a somnolent public. In doing so, they lashed up to 200 years of a certain way of thinking, and have forever poisoned the dialog about what is liberal and what is conservative. It was positively Orwellian.
Yeah, well, when the odd justice has to remind the court of the wording "Congress shall make no law," as Justice Black had to decades ago, it means that "no law" no longer means "no law." It may never have, actually. Good order and discipline trump "no law" every time, but when tested in court, they also have had a high standard of proof that in fact good order and discipline are actually at risk.
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