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Has Citizenship Jumped The Shark?

Corlyss Wrote: Jul 20, 2014 2:32 PM
Ever since the ACLU and SCOTUS determined that the benefits of citizenship belonged to all residents regardless, there's been no point in becoming one if you aren't already. This was a systematic effort to degrade our sense of nationalism and national pride. It worked. Several years ago someone surveyed residents who were not citizens and found that very few of them wanted to become citizens. They wanted the American dream, but not enough to become Americans and work for it. No, they wanted the dream, the wealth they could ship home in the form of remittances, and the retirement on SSI that would enable them to live like kings and queens in the benighted countries of their birth, but no thanks to American citizenship. Pathetic.
Calling themselves liberals was as clever a bit of rebranding as has been pulled on a somnolent public. In doing so, they lashed up to 200 years of a certain way of thinking, and have forever poisoned the dialog about what is liberal and what is conservative. It was positively Orwellian.
Yeah, well, when the odd justice has to remind the court of the wording "Congress shall make no law," as Justice Black had to decades ago, it means that "no law" no longer means "no law." It may never have, actually. Good order and discipline trump "no law" every time, but when tested in court, they also have had a high standard of proof that in fact good order and discipline are actually at risk.
They're all lack skill and minimal reading capability.
"The implication is that they should be admitted as refugees from oppression." This will always be the Dems' position because it means n more voters for them to exploit. Personally, I believe that the importation of these frail children could not possibly occur without state facilitation on both sides of the border. This foolish notion abroad in the world that a refugee's need trumps the need of the nation and the locality where they end up to control the influx. It's not lost on me that the places Obama is sending these kids to Deeply Red States precisely in order to neuter these strong conservative states. I want a return to the policy that immigrants have to have a sponsor, a job, and a commitment that they will NOT go on the dole immediately they arrive here. The US is being "punished" for its success both governmentally and economically. What the Dems want for the Nov. election is the visual of the Military lined up on the border facing the Children's Crusade. The hypocrisy of this administration has no bounds in this world or the next. It's not our duty to take everyone who wants to come here. We ought to send those kids back immediately.
Geez! This kind of article is not what I read Barone for. I expect insights I can't derive myself. I could have written this op-ed.
There is no Congressional Democrat Right. There's only left and lefter.
I watched all 5 of the Al Jazeera hour-long programs on illegal immigration and the arduous journey they must survive to get to a US Port of Entry. It simply is not credible that these small frail children made that trek across the desert and survived in such clean good shape. Those kids must have been bused to the Mexican side of the Port of Entry and dumped. And I wouldn't put it past the craven anti-American manipulators that occupy the White House now to have solicited the failed Mexican state to round up their illegal immigrant children and send them here in order to set up a scenario whereby the Republicans look like they are opposed to little kids having a decent life here in the US. Why these kids are here or what the risk is to them is irrelevant, they must be returned to their native countries.
From your mouth to God's ear.
And Economist reported recently that TeamObama has sent several advisors to the Labor party to show them how to marshal social media to win elections a la it's 2012 performance.
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