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No he doesn't. And he won't. Every penny he spends on weapons he can't use to buy another minority constituency.
Here's the deal: The Environmental Gestapo own many of the policy organs in many of the Western nations. That will not change in the foreseeable future. And if there's one thing we know about the Gestapo, it is this: if Mother Nature will not cooperate to realize their apocalyptic predictions, they will beaver away to ensure that their predictions come true by their policy manipulations. The junk science may be a problem, but the entrenched Gestapo and the ease with which well-intentioned voters default to the Green parties and environmental movements as political actors is THE MOST SERIOUS THREAT TO WESTERN PROSPERITY NOT INVOLVING HOSTILE NATIONS.
"relatively unattached to organized politics" Still they managed to vote for the worst president in 60 years in phenomenal numbers, as if all that mattered was the guy looked hip. Bill Ayers must be thrilled at how successful he's been in destroying US civic fabric.
"Didn't these idiots learn anything in 10th grade biology?" No. I doubt the course was required to deal with anything that contradicted the liberal theology taught to kids from preschool about the world they live in. The left's environmental agenda has been part of the orthodoxy (propaganda) force-fed to teachers in ed schools and required to be taught in schools k-12.
"The union fought computerization of many functions (which improved productivity)." I bet their shenanigans can't hold a candle to those of the NTEU, which so owns IRS that every Commissioner-designate has to promise the Dems in the Senate that none of the 50% who do nothing but data entry will lose their jobs to automation. There would be lots of funds saved if federal public employees were prohibited from unionizing like they used to be 60 years ago.
"I don't know what the German board expected with the UAW." To avoid harassment by the Administration's shakedown artists in DoJ, IRS, and DoL Now they're going to get it anyway, I suppose on the grounds that they didn't try hard enough or they should have kidnapped the 44 who made the difference or there's some kind of racial disparate impact that needs to be redressed.
Maybe so, but the UAW will run whining to the NLRB, which is force the company to keep replaying the vote till the UAW wins.
"It helps explain why Obama and Kerry remain equable in the face of Iranian officials' public statements that they have not given up their nuclear program." Much as I deeply respect Kaplan and acknowledge his superior insights and his comprehensive view of what are likely to be major issues in a few years, I think nothing explains Obama's attitude like callow incompetence of a man who's never thought deeply about anything except his own elections, much less foreign affairs. And nothing explains Kerry's attitude like the nothing between his ears that has always been there and always been completely vacant.
If I were her, I'd be a lot more worried about the eclipse of blacks by the other white race, Latinos.
Well, honestly, one has to admire the steadfastness of the elite liberal academic resistance to facts. Facts could jump up and smack 'em in the face, jump up and down on their chests, hold their lives and fortunes in hostage, and they STILL would resist recognizing facts.
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