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Obama's Lincoln Presumption

Corktip Wrote: Jan 22, 2013 9:07 AM
I simply cannot understand how anyone can see Lincoln the greatest president. Lincoln freed the slaves only as part of his assault on the South: Lincoln considered sending the slaves back to Africa. Andrew Jackson as the greatest President is similar to Lincoln, saved the Nation in the Battle of New Orleans but what he did on the Trail of Tears was evil. George Washington was the greatest. There is no end to his greatness.
The pump shotgun is a far better weapon for defending inside a building like a school. Much easier to be effective with a 12g loaded with buckshot than a pistol. A shotgun in a quick opening secure locker is a better choice in my view than a pistol carried at all times: restrictions on concealed carry make things awkward (can't go to the post office, hospital, government offices, etc. with a weapon). Body armor can be defeated with a shotgun much easier than with a pistol: shoot at legs, hands, head to stop the offender. The known presence of a shotgun will discourage most attackers...
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