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Why This Ex-Libertarian is Voting Mitt Romney

Corie6 Wrote: Sep 21, 2012 3:33 PM
Welcome back to the party Wayne Allen Root! Libertarians, please work within the Republican party to change it from the inside. That's what the Tea Party is trying to do. If Romney gets elected and swerves from conservatism, I will be happy to join a Tea Party protest against him! After living through these four years of the Obama administration, I am AWAKE and will NEVER be asleep again. Libertarians, rolling back the growth of government and the welfare state and obtaining a constitutionally conservative Supreme Court will NEVER be possible if we lose the next four years.

Before I introduce myself and tell you about the most important decision of my political life, let me first cut to the chase.

If Obama is re-elected on November 6th, you haven’t seen anything yet. Because the first Obama term was just a small taste of things to come. Without ever having to answer to voters again, he will be free to be his REAL radical self. Without any need for restraint, Obama will throw caution to the wind, ignore Congress, and govern by Executive Order. He will be free to truly wreck this economy from sea to shining sea-...