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Tax rates back when we had no global competition is one thing. We live in a different world.... We have to compete with China if we are ever to pull the economy out of the ditch that progressives drove us into. We can start by lowering our corporate tax rate to the level of China, or even better repeal the corporate tax completely.
Obama is an obstructionist.
Cain imploded??? How is David Axelrod hiring an actor to meet with Gloria Allred on national television Cain's fault? Sorry your recollection of events from 6 months ago is terrible. Cain was railroaded by the DBM.
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Obama and the Mother of All Tyrannies

Corey50 Wrote: Apr 04, 2012 3:34 PM
David, if that were the case, Obama wouldn't have publically went out there to scold the SC.... The fact he did so, the txt message from Kagan read: "Your bill died" This is Obama being a penchulant child, threatening a Justice or two to switch their votes, or else.
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