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Tom Coburn's Wastebook Report Documents Wasteful Government Spending

Corey12 Wrote: Oct 17, 2012 9:20 AM
PART 2 Rank these presidents on the average amount that federal spending increased per fiscal year during their tenures: a) Ronald Reagan (b) George H.W. Bush (c) Bill Clinton (d) George W. Bush (e) Barack Obama. Answer: George W. Bush increased federal spending 11.1 percent a year, (a) Reagan 8.6 percent a year, (b) George H.W. Bush 5.8 percent a year, (e) Obama 4.25 percent a year, (c) Clinton 4 percent a year. Rank these presidents on the amount that the outstanding national debt was increased during their terms in office: (a) Jimmy Carter (b) Ronald Reagan (c) George H. W. Bush (d) Bill Clinton (e) George W. Bush? Answer: Outstanding national debt was increased by (a) George W. Bush $6.1 trillion in eight years, (b) Reagan $1.9...