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Which Candidate Paid the Highest Tax Rate/Gave the Most to Charity Last Year?

cordeg Wrote: Sep 23, 2012 8:08 PM
Wow. Anyone remember when Democrats used to say as the stock markets rose and rose in the 80's that they didn't care if "Wall Street" benefited, but what about "Main Street"? HAH! What a scam! Now they want us to cheer for President Obama (can we at least agree to call every president "President" for pete's sake) because Wall Street has done well even though Main Street has AT BEST STAGNATED (even this poster -- an obvious fan -- can't say any better than that unemployment is only a little worse than it was 4 years ago! Hey, at this rate we can finally claim "recovery" in a generation or two.

On Friday, as Kevin and Guy both noted, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney released his 2011 tax returns to the American public. Not only did we learn that the former Massachusetts governor paid taxes every single year since 1990, thus discrediting the Senate Majority Leader’s preposterous accusations, but he also paid $2 million in taxes last year alone and gave about $4 million (or nearly 30% of his annual income) to charity. In any case, now that we have these new figures, which presidential candidate paid the highest tax rate and gave the...