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Tough Week For Gold

Corbett_ Wrote: Nov 19, 2012 11:19 AM
The problem with "balanced" portfolios is that the idea only works in normal times. If you know the stock market will crash, it would be stupid to have money in stocks. If you know we are heading toward hyperinflation, it would be stupid to keep money in cash. We KNOW these are not normal times and it would be insane to follow normal investment procedures.

It was a tough week for gold and silver, though precious metals had plenty of company to the downside as equities were also down on the week and the month.  Take a couple weeks off for vacation and it seems like the whole investing world goes crazy. 

Gold closed out last week at $1713.40, down $2.12 on the day.  Silver was off $0.31 to $32.29, bringing the silver/gold ratio to 53. 

During my hiatus I also ran across stories of panic in some circles in the wake of the election...

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