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The Republicans, The Democrats And Grover

Corbett_ Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 11:24 AM
cchuba -- Even Reagan admitted he made a mistake by signing off on a tax increase. Should we repeat that mistake? Furthermore, the economy was booming when Reagan made his mistake. We cannot afford to make the same mistake in the current economy. Our problem isn't that the American people are under-taxed. The problem is that government over-spends. Increasing the burden on the productive will not fix the problem.

Washington -- What is a Republican elected official? A Republican elected official is one who says, "I won't raise my constituents' taxes." Asked to elaborate, the Republican elected official explains, "I will keep taxes down to allow the economy to grow and to throw off ever more tax revenue." The Republican believes that the way to pay for government is to let the economy roar ... and to keep spending reasonable.

What is a Democratic elected official? Back in the early 1960s a Democratic elected official, at least when it came to growing the economy, was not much different...