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"The Forgotten Collective Generation" Gets the Shaft

Corbett_ Wrote: Dec 06, 2012 11:01 PM
But how many people between 35 and 55 voted for Ron Paul in the primaries? HE was the only candidate that did not represent business as usual in DC. THAT is why he enjoyed so much support from younger Americans. Younger Americans KNOW they are absolutely screwed. They are only waiting far a politician who will tell them the truth and stand up and fight for them. I know they voted for Obama, but they did that by default. They didn't have a Republican candidate in the general election who even came close to representing their interests. Given the choice between Obama and Obama-lite, they chose the one who was not making noises about starting yet another war in the Middle East. In other words, they voted for the lesser of the two evils

Regardless of how the so-called "fiscal cliff" ends, one thing is clear: The combined group of Americans whose age comprises either the last few years of the "baby boom," which is said to have ended in 1963, and most of the so-called "Generation X," which followed and ended in 1984, will collectively get the worst end of a deal that, as a whole, they do not want -- when and if ever Congress and the president quit playing their games of alternative threats and capitulation.

That particular "Forgotten Collective Generation" should be mad as hell -- particularly those between...