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The Drone Debate: A Matter of Trust

Corbett_ Wrote: Mar 08, 2013 4:32 PM
Andy: BigDog is just the sort that they are counting on to gun down American citizens if there is unrest because of Obama's economic policies. He is just the sort that would run over unarmed civilian protesters with a tank like the Chinese at Tiananmen Square.

In conversations with those opposed to the notion of drone attacks against U.S. citizens, on or away from American soil, I ask a question as a consistency test:

Is your opposition based on a blanket principle that no President should have such power, or is it a spurred by a mistrust of the current administration?

In many cases I get the first answer, so I know I am engaged with a libertarian mindset, which I always respect and often share. We should always take great pause before empowering government to take bold action unilaterally that could result in loss of life...