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Confirmed: Senate Democrats' Budget Accelerates Spending, Never Balances

Corbett_ Wrote: Mar 14, 2013 10:57 AM
The Ryan budget accelerates spending TOO. It never balances either -- in the real world. It only balances if a lot of highly unrealistic assumptions are made and if Congress does not decide to spend more over the next decade or so. We need real cuts in federal spending -- not just cuts in projected growth. Ron and Rand Paul both introduced budgets that balanced in the real world last year. (Ron's in 3 years and Rand's in 5.) Both made actual cuts to federal spending. Of course neither party would consider either of these budgets. When will people learn that there is no difference between the two parties?

They say the best time to release damaging information is during a major news event.  Yesterday, the world welcomed a new Pope,  and Senate Democrats released their first budget in four years.  If you've been following our coverage for the last few days, the new blueprint contains few surprises.  It jacks up taxes by one trillion $1.5 trillion dollars* (see update), passes on crucial entitlement reforms, relies on gimmicks for most of its spending cuts, and -- as we reported yesterday -- it actually increases spending compared to the current unsustainable baseline.  According to the document's own tables,...