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Obama's Unbelievable Medicare Hypocrisy

Cooperwise Wrote: Sep 14, 2012 5:15 AM
No Marc H that is an untruth. Sorry. (Libya not Lybia)

President Obama has sought to frighten seniors by summoning the bogeyman of evil Republicans trying to "voucherize" Medicare,with blithe disregard of the facts that (1) nothing would apply to those 55 or over; and (2) the plan would be optional even after that.

How remarkable, then, to read a piece in Forbes by Avik Roy, reporting that Obama's own advisors actually proposed a voucher plan in 2010 that was far more stringent than the plan offered by Romney/Ryan.  Shockingly -- but not surprisingly -- they also sought to establish the changes without input from Congress (or any involvement in the democratic...