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States with No Income Tax Grow Faster and Create More Jobs

Cookiepress Wrote: Dec 16, 2012 10:31 AM
And therein lies the rub. The government does not want us knowing the amount of our money that goes to taxes. The government would lose control if income tax were done away with. People don't realize that they are paying all those corporate taxes when they make a purchase because it is not on their receipt. The Fair Tax bill was introduced in SC for the second time on March 30, 2011. I hope it will pass this time. I believe that the states need to get this going before the feds pick up on it. I relocated to SC in 2005 from NY and had not heard of Fair Tax until then. I am now a fervent advocate and am constantly talking about it with friends from NY.

One of the key ways of controlling state and local tax burdens, according to this map from the Tax Foundation, is to not have an income tax.

But that’s not too surprising. States have just a couple of ways of generating significant tax revenue, so it stands to reason that states without an income tax would have relatively low tax burdens.

Light-blue states have no broad-based income tax

The more important question is whether this approach leads to better economic performance. The evidence is pretty clear that zero-income-tax states grow...