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Paul Ryan's Old-Fashioned American Vision

Cookiepress Wrote: Aug 12, 2012 8:07 AM
Check out In my opinion this is a much better way to go. Basically it's a tax on new goods and services and not your income. There is a chart on the site that compares flat, fair and income taxes. This gives the consumer control over his/her money. The more new goods you purchase, the more tax you pay. Our current tax system encourages cheating and has too many loopholes. This way even people who work off the books would pay their fair share. I am retired and right after retirement I worked one season for one of those national tax preparers. We had people calling who wanted to know the most they could earn to get the most out of the earned income credit. The rest of the year they would work off the books.
risher3 Wrote: Aug 13, 2012 2:09 AM
I believe Gary Johnson is pushing the Fairtax as part of his agenda.
Dan107 Wrote: Aug 12, 2012 8:50 AM
But still, Cookie, we don't have a tax collecting problem. We have a spending problem.
Cookiepress Wrote: Aug 12, 2012 10:20 AM
You're so right-but this is something that would help all of us. He mentions a flat tax and that is what my response is about
hiJackBailey Wrote: Aug 12, 2012 9:10 PM
and it's transparent and fair.

the fairtax plan will make America great again.

When you think of Republican congressman Paul Ryan, terms like earnest, serious, and important come to mind. So does the term old-fashioned. Ryan comes from an old-fashioned place, the blue-collar town of Janesville, Wisconsin. He cherishes the old-fashioned values of a faithful family man. He even looks old-fashioned, with his white shirts and striped ties. And he uses old-fashioned argument skills, persuasively weaving big-picture themes with the numbers that back them up.

[Editor's note: This column orginally ran on December 23, 2011] 

And Ryan has old-fashioned goals,...