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Cookiepress Wrote: Feb 15, 2014 7:59 PM
"I don't know why it bothers me when I see a good-looking woman who could be truly beautiful if she only took the trouble. But I can recall a woman like that who was educated at Berkeley, and who apparently thought attention to her appearance was not hip. Unfortunately, her husband met another woman, who had not gone to Berkeley, and who did not have this inhibition -- or many other inhibitions." This statement is a really sad testament as to what this man may feel about women. If women only went with attractive men there'd be an awful lot more lonely men out there than there are right now. Thomas Sowell is the only reason I still get Townhall. And I have just received my last one. I do not consider myself a women's libber by any means, but if you wed a woman on looks alone, shame on you. We are all, men and women alike, beautiful from the inside out not the outside in
Probably everyone on medicare right now needs a secondary insurance provider
I was waiting for someone to make that comment
another personal decision that should not be paid for.
My employer pays 80% of my premium ergo the employer pays 80% of my prescriptions
oh gee, do you live in NY where school tax is through the roof
Aren't sponges and diaphragms made anymore? And I would think they are a heck of a lot safer to women than the pill
What about morality? Even if a person does not believe in God, they can still be moral.
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