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Sorry to say, but I believe you are wrong modernmover. The Senate could have an 80 to 20 majority "Republican", However 46 Rinos would vote with the 20 Democrats. We call them Rinos today, but the type of so called Republicans we see today were in existent at lease as far back as the 1900s. Read the Judge's book Theodore and Woodrow.
You must have drunk about twenty gallons of kool-aide before you wrote this article.
Notice the inordinate fascination..........with oneself; unbelievable conceited self absorption.
Wrong, he stole the election. And with because of fools like you he stole our liberty too.
As they say on Family Feud "GOOD ANSWER". David Limbaugh writes some fine articles; sadly though he is only preaching to the choir. Those who can actually do something about it DO NOTHING! They care nothing for the opinions of We the People.
"They've got to get their hands on thousands of pages of Romney's tax filings so that the media can -- as Romney says -- lie about them. It will be interesting to see if Obama can pick the lock of the famously guarded IRS" HE CAN AND HE WILL..
Rob R Concise, accurate, perfect.
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