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Obama's Taliban Tools and Treachery

Controse Wrote: 15 hours ago (3:55 PM)
There is also a traitor in the White House that should be shot.
When oh when are we going to start tagging Bolshevik Barry with the name he so eagerly seeks: Traitor?
If man made "climate change" is an important factor moving us to 11:57 on the doomsday clock I say sit back and relax. Man made climate change has got to be in at least the top three hoaxes believed to be true by the most people for the longest time. I guess the earth being the center of the universe will always be number 1.
Yeah, well I take aim at Al Sharpton for being too black. So there.
It's a great seventh century defense they've got planned. All we have to do is cut off there supply of arrow heads.
Mr. Brown, please read the Quran. Muslims talking peace just don't believe they are strong enough yet to talk subjugation or slaughter as their "radical" brethren do talk and act.. Here is the simplest solution to Islam in Western civilization: Expel and Raze or Slaughter and Raze if they refuse to leave. There is no place for Islam among civilized men.
What a wonder it would be if every Republican congressperson and Senator would simply take the floor of the House or Senate and do nothing but repeat what Mr. Root has transcribed here.
Ah behold the latest Orwellian spiritual leader tips his hand. Pope Francis tell us free speech cannot be permitted unless it is not free.
So much energy and thoughtfulness is expended in arguing the destructiveness of the particulars of Obama's destructive torrent of lawlessness facet after facet. He is getting so frustrated. What does he have to do to get it across to men of the stature of David Limbaugh. He is fundamentally changing America. So quit quibbling.
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Paul Krugman Rejected by His Peers

Controse Wrote: Jan 18, 2015 1:04 AM
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