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Let’s Put the White House on Lockdown

Controse Wrote: 12 hours ago (7:16 AM)
Catchy title for the post; not much else.
Rand Paul is no better than Barack Obama when it comes to helping the public at large understand our justice system. He, Senator Paul, takes two examples of police action that resulted in death, self-defense resulted in one, attempt to subdue an individual resisting arrest in the other and uses these two deaths at officer's hands to say see we have an unjust justice system. He blames the politicians while being a shinning example of an unhelpful politician in so doing.
Liberal, godless termites everywhere. Even in the frozen North. America, we have a problem.
Trouble is those in charge of bringing law-breakers to justice are law-breakers themselves. Obama's most fundamental transformation of America so far is six years of demonstrating laws don't matter any more unless they are to his power aggrandizing advantage.
They are by definition evil. If you don't understand that by now your making sheep look like independent thinkers up there with Leonardo.
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Obama's Immigration Order Dispels Fear

Controse Wrote: Nov 24, 2014 5:04 AM
Could we focus on the value of living in a country where laws are enforced. Of course not enforcing laws makes a charade out of the process of writing them in the first place. One can't square the presidents oath of office with his latest immigration actions. Approval of his latest actions means the oath of office taken by the president is a charade as well. How learned men, Mr. Chapman among them, cannot be repelled by actions taken by the president that turn acts of Congress and the oath of office into a charade is one of the mysteries of our age. Don't they know once lawlessness begins by those charged with enforcement there is no longer a limit the that lawlessness? The Constitution is there for your own protection Mr. Chapman. It only protects you if it is enforced.
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No Will to Fight

Controse Wrote: Nov 22, 2014 7:51 AM
And thus our republic dies until all the RINOs are dead ( politically of course.)
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The Depression of Obama

Controse Wrote: Nov 19, 2014 8:05 PM
And why wouldn't he just ignore a Supreme Court ruling that he doesn't like?
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Racial Quota Punishment

Controse Wrote: Nov 19, 2014 7:58 PM
Obama, the acid that eats through all the pathways of decency in our society.
Has anyone in the commentariat ever heard of political pressure? Sure no Democrat Senators will announce the will vote to convict Obama of his long list of impeachable offenses tomorrow. That is where political pressure comes in. Every single day a prominent conservative leader or spokesman should make it known that Democratic senator so and so has not YET pledged to vote to convict in the face of the following facts: 1), 1+n). Hammer, hammer, hammer. Sooner or later they will either crack or only appear in public with a bag over their head. Let's show a little imagination and get busy expunging Obama from the history of America.
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