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Having this lying traitor anywhere near these men much less speaking to them as their leader is like having HItler give a dedication speech at a Holocaust memorial.
Abortion is the New Age word for intrauterine murder. So the Bible has a lot to say about abortion because it has a lot to say about murder. Spoiler alert for Plan Parenthood staff: Murder is a mortal sin.
Obama: Hey America! F*ck you and your precious sons. How do you like me now?
Did he kick the door open as he exited the room? If he didn't it means that groin pull Reggie gave him is worse than rumored.
The next Marine he tells to hold his umbrella in a downpour might just answer his cry for help.
Not sure Obama failed. Look around, he with help from first Pelosi and Reid and now Boehner and Reid has fundamentally transformed 1) healthcare delivery, 2) military preparedness, 3) student loan market, 4) national indebtedness, 5) American - Israeli trust, 6) NASA space program and finally and most importantly the has fundamentally transformed the outer limits of the nations understanding of the size of lies that can be told to get and maintain power over their future. He has not fundamentally transformed America yet. Once he passes amnesty he will have.
When the liar in chief looses the Washington Post and the New York Times on the same important, high profile speech he better know it's time to start recruiting some new propagandists; the old reliable ones are so reliable anymore.
Conservatives and those that claim to be conservatives have since the days of Woodrow Wilson compromised their way to the loss-of-freedom today's precipice named Socialism. Dr. Carson just lost his conservative credentials. The only way at this point to save our republic is to convince the majority of citizens who will actually go vote that compromise with our country's founding principle must end. We cannot save it by any more compromising.
Why in the name of God has this pornography been part of the curriculum for more than 20 seconds let alone since 2007? You, cur that you are, defend authority figures supplying pornography to teens. Your saying 80% of the parents want their kids to read pornography at school. Well we really are screwed as a moral society in that case.
The school committee promotes pornography to Tweens. It is not a sexually explicit graphic novel, it is pornography.
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