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As usual, Ann has neutered the attack dogs at the NYT!
Most liberals could care less that he's a liar as long as he supports their pet cause.
Typical CNN pundit.....a leftist moron
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And Now He's Ticked Off Hillary

Contrari-Un Wrote: Oct 16, 2012 3:38 PM
Like most pundits you miss the point entirel when you say "no way will Hillary let her 2016 election chances be ruined by Obama". If Hillary admitted to being there during the riot there would be no more than a mention of it in the lap-dog media. She's bullet-proof and as evidence I present this: Impeached liar, former President Bill Clinton speaking at the Democrat Convention and being hailed as a statesman. If Clinton had been a Republican his speaking at their convention would have eliminated the chances of the Republican candidate.
Dave Ramsey is no personal money management expert, or financial expert at all. He's an Ann Landers type, making money off those who know even less about finances. I remember him in the late 90's saying mutual funds would return an average of 15%. The Dow Jones isn't back to the level it was in 2008. He didn't know anything then and he's still in the dark. A 5 Yr. time horizon for mutual funds is far too short and if you listen to him you'll find yourself with about half of what you've invested in 5 yrs.
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