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Interesting to note and neglected in your post, is that the attacks come in retaliation for the US bombing attacks. the beheadings are in retaliation, also. Hundreds of thousands of innocents were killed by Bush, and yet we still have perpetual war. The "nuanced reality" is there are a hell of a lot of muslims who are believers in their cause.....believers who will sacrifice life and limb without so much as a blink of an eye....they outnumber US military its perptual war for the foreseeable future....we have cooler toys....but they blend into the background better. The vacuum created by ousting Saddam Hussein by neocon leader par excellence....George Bush, and subsequent pullout by the reluctant warrior Obamster, we have created a real mess. But TH neocons still have faith with more war we can defeat this spite of perpetual war for 20 years now to the contrary. "War is the health of the state"....Randolph Bourne. And boy do TH neocons love centralized government, and subsequent para-militarized police force with their support of perpetual war. the health of the economy and treasury be damned...lets build a economy based on military spending But I forgot to mention we seem to have a difficult time identifying friend or foe....once Bin Laden was our about these "moderates" in Syria.... Ironically I still have a higher chance of dying from a car accident than to be killed by a terrorist, but I digress...... Those who exchange security for liberty deserve neither
Its a progressive doctrine (Wilson) of making the world safe for democracy. But then I never find a spits worth of difference between townhall neocons and the left anyway.
Pretty much my sentiment. I pretty much stand opposed to most everything the party stands for these days. Small government.....????? Don't make me laugh.
Baaahhhaaaahaaaa, that is funny.....great man. How about lunatic Warmonger who forgot Jesus said, Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. His brand of pre-millenial dispensationalism means that the US Miltary is at is disposal for protecting his 51st state, Israel.
He is Bush on steroids.... Bush before he was elected.....a non-interventionist.....Bush after elected...neocon warmonger. Obama before he was elected....nobel peace-nik. Obama after elected...degrade and destroy. Both are destroying the nation through massive government spending.
David Stockman has it right:
Its a laugh that zero thinks he will degrade and destroy ISIL. Counting the Bush 1 legacy, we are in this war for over 20 years, with no end in sight. Zero could be a real leader and refuse spending more blood and treasure over there by doing more pragmatic things such as isolating the ME, revoking all ME terrorist exporting country Visas, and any westerner who goes overseas to join the fight should have their passports revoked..... Hell of a lot more cost effective. But Obozo is Bush on steroids, who does only the politically expedient.
Yeah, you thought when you voted for Obozo there was any difference from Bush.
The beginning of sorrows, and the end of liberty, and the destabilization of the whole ME celebrated by the Katie "Panties-Bunched" Pavlich as the watershed moment of American exceptionalism. I loved this quote from VDH on the whole sordid mess of dealing with the ME, and are stupid wars: "The Islamic State is still trying to overthrow Assad. If the Obama administration is now bombing the Islamic State, is it then helping Assad? Or when America did not bomb Assad, did it help the Islamic State? Which of the two should Obama bomb -- or both, or neither?"
I agree to an extent. They have no navy, and no airforce. Their threat to the US would come domestically grown only. It would be a hell of a lot cheaper and probably more effective to revoke all Visas from terrorist exporting countries, and isolate them economically to the greatest extent possible.
"This law has made our healthcare system a lot better".... Of course this J&ck&$$ has only one metric on which to judge this.....and the metric he depends on has nothing to do with healthcare, and is full of presumptions that people who enrolled in the ACA actually paid for their insurance.
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