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Rahm to Sue Chicago Teachers

Context Wrote: Sep 17, 2012 6:36 AM
Hmmm...Democrats, liberals and union members are 100% against greedy rich people, and 110% "for the children." Yet the union has made outrageous demands for money, and demands that their members not be tested to assess or ensure competency, and now has ignored the needs of "the children" in order to put their personl greed on display for the world to see. If the people picketing we see on TV are actually teachers, I say they must have missed most of their own education. Even their union leader seems to be in need of a few remedial courses.
Rahm to Sue Chicago Teachers The Chicago teachers union has decided to continue their strike, depriving students of teachers for another week, entrenching an increasingly public and bitter labor dispute.

Reports said that the union’s delegates would meet on Tuesday, meaning that schools in the nation’s third largest school district would be unlikely to open before Wednesday.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has now threatened to sue to force the end of the strike and force the unions back into the classrooms to teach Chicago children.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel said he will file a...