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Just Who Are the Fools

Context Wrote: Nov 19, 2012 7:40 AM
I respectfully disagree, Mr. Paulson...every person who voted for Obama WAS and IS a fool. There is no other way to explain casting a vote for a man who has obviously failed in spectacular fashion. We will get the government we voted for, and the fools who elected this socialist idiot won't like it. will be all George Bush's fault...mark my words.
Science Avenger Wrote: Nov 19, 2012 12:06 PM
Sorry, but your claim is simply not true. If you check the exit polls, Obama won the majority of people with a college degree or greater, and the blue states on average have a higher educational level than the red states. Blindly chanting that your opponents are fools simply reveals one as closed-minded to the reality of why one lost.
BIGSKYER Wrote: Nov 19, 2012 12:58 PM
And with all the educated idiots inhabiting blue states, tell me true, why is this country in the state that it is in? Tell me, whay didn't All educated people and you educated idiots, fix the economy the first 4 years? And all the educated one in blue states, California is one of them, and with educated mayors and Governors, at the helm find themselves in such dire economic straits? Tell me please!
MG formerly minnesotagrandma Wrote: Nov 19, 2012 3:19 PM
Leave it to a liberal to equate intelligence with a college degree. Kool aid sipping fools. Information and education is available to EVERYONE. Only liberals think they have to be told WHAT to think by another liberal or it's not worthy.
Basically, Obama got the UNEDUCATED and the LIBERALLY EDUCATED. Those who can't read and those who can't think for themselves.
MG formerly minnesotagrandma Wrote: Nov 19, 2012 3:22 PM
Hey big Skyer
Just going to preemptively stike the Clinton surplus myth that he will come back with. It's all Bush's fault you know.
Jay Wye Wrote: Nov 19, 2012 5:06 PM
Book-smart,but reality-challenged. that is many a college graduate's situation.
And particularly college professors.
As Reagan said,they know so much that is simply not true.
Jay Wye Wrote: Nov 19, 2012 5:08 PM
one thing is certain,you can graduate all the college students you want,but there STILL are not going to be any jobs for them.
not private-sector jobs. not without gov't getting off the backs of business.
All you will have is a lot of "educated" unemployed with a lot of debt.
Jay Wye Wrote: Nov 19, 2012 5:11 PM
not just "can't read and can't think for themselves",but those who WON'T read and WON'T learn and think for themselves. the willfully blind.
the ones who think they "know best".

A regular reader e-mailed me the morning after Obama's election victory, "You should probably leave the country. best for all concerned. slam the door on yer way out."

I replied, "Saving the future of America has never been a sprint.... It's a marathon. It's not a movie; it's a soap opera. It's not bad enough yet for people to wake up to reality. You're stuck with me, like I am stuck with you. America now will get what it voted for. I pray that my assessment of our short-term future as a result of this election does not come to...