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California Law Would Not Be in Kids' 'Best Interest'

contessadetroy Wrote: Jul 05, 2012 4:42 PM
No, NO!!! Don't leave us alone!!! We the people are speaking and our government is a tyranny. Put the pressure on!!!

When she was a precocious preschooler, the daughter of my cousin was famous for begging to sit in the front seat of the family car. As the youngest of four children, she was unlikely to have that privilege, even if she was large enough to safely sit up front. She begged anyway.

The story goes that after repeatedly being denied the chance to sit in the front, the little girl buckled herself into her booster seat in the back, smugly declaring, “This is the front seat.”

Which proves that even a 4-year-old can execute the “When all else fails, redefine the...

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