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July 17, 2008, the national average for gasoline was $4.11 per gallon - that was and still is the all time record high. We need to concentrate on more accurate problems created by 0bama
Israel uses a particle accelarator for electricity. It does not have the risks that nuclear energy has.
What we are experiencing is extreme STAGFLATION adn it is far worse than what was experienced under President Carter. Unfortunatley, the media is totally gutless, refusing to report the news as it is instead choosing to whitewash reality with lies, slander, and absolute avoidance.
Rubio is NOT a natural born citizen, ergo, he is not eligible for VPOTUS or POTUS.
Meanwhile, Sharly, you look like the north bound end of a south bound mule.
Barack Obama is the first president in American history to have made racist and ignorant rants while also dealing out massive false accusations. Barack "Barry Soetoro" Hussein Obama has set back race relations 200 years to before Jim Crow Laws. His actions are an attempt to restore Jim Crow Laws and cause a civil war to take place.
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